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My thoughts on Akron-Wisconsin

By mrasor Published: September 1, 2008

Sorry I missed the action this weekend. I did get a chance to watch highlights from a bar in Hyannis, Mass.
Before I get to my thoughts, I'd like to thank Dan Kadar and Michael Beaven for stepping in. These are two University of Akron guys working at the ABJ who care about the teams and covering them.

    Anyhow, here are some notes from my limited information...
    38-17 is not a bad score, especially considering that the Zips were withing striking distance after first half.
    Also, the important offensive statistics aren't overwhelmingly putrid. We all remember some games with close to 0 yards rushing. The Zips had 77 yards on the ground and 227 in the air.
    Chris Jacquemain's stats look pretty good. It's nice to see a number of receivers joined in the passing game, led by Deryn Bowser with 76 yards.
    Andrew Johnson returned kicks, instead of Bryan Williams. If you have an all-American caliber player at a position, you leave it alone. Bad move.
    The Zips' leading tacklers were mostly members of the secondary. That should tell you Wisconsin's offensive line had a field day against the 3-3-5. The Badgers did rush for more than 400 yards, taking advantage of the absence of Ryan Bain and Eric Lively.
    James Harvey and Manley Waller appear to be the only freshmen that got on the field.
    Tom Gaffney's game story sheds some light from UA's perspective. Coach J.D. Brookhart said he saw what he expected to see from the Badgers.
    Interesting scores from around the MAC... Temple gave Army some shock and awe at West Point (35-7, Owls). Vanderbilt visited Miami and drilled the RedHawks (34-13, Commodores). Northern Illinois scared Minnesota (31-27, Gophers). Kent State got shut out in Cleveland against Boston College (21-0, Eagles). Bowling Green laid an impressive defeat on Big East favorites Pitt (27-17, Falcons).
    Look for a Syracuse breakdown in the next couple days. Feel free to leave your impressions on the game below.
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