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National search may include Yurachek

By mrasor Published: June 23, 2009

After a long deliberation, the university chose to conduct a national search, rather than immediately promoting Hunter Yurachek.
Of course, Yurachek might still be a candidate if the search firm believes him worthy. A reliable source within the administration told me Tuesday that at least two other individuals from within the university have expressed their desire for the job. The administration is keeping an open mind for candidates with nontraditional backgrounds. For example, one of those internal candidates is not a member of the athletic department.
Yurachek, like every candidate, has strengths and weaknesses. He has made great impressions on those working with him. He is a hard worker, and his transition will be quick due to his familiarity. His weakness is that the athletic department has glaring problems in one of the departments he was overseeing -- marketing and promotions. Men's basketball attendance is low. Football season ticket sales are woefully short of the target number.
The university typically pays the search firm between 1/3 and 1/4 of the employee's salary. If the firm does not provide a candidate that the university is happy with, the university may choose to conduct a second search. The positive aspect of a search firm is that the firm nitpicks candidates' resumes, which almost always include achievements that the candidate did not directly affect. Not to pick on Yurachek, but talks about him "overseeing" the MAC Championship basketball team. The search firm sifts through the rhetoric and finds out: What happened at your old job that would not have happened without you?
Believe it or not, the administration truly wants to hear what Akron fans think. Please take the time to vote below, and perhaps comment on what qualities you'd like to see in Akron's next athletic director. A high-level administrator promised me that the university will keep tabs on the results.
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