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NCAA continues to modernize recruiting rules (updated)

By George Thomas Published: January 22, 2013

For those who missed it, the NCAA just made coaches’ lives in ffootball with respect to recruiting somewhat easier.  Last weekend the governing body of major college sports adopted new rules meant to conform to modern realities.  Among them:

  • Proposal 13-3 “which will eliminate restrictions on methods and modes of communication during recruiting.”  In layman’s terms, the NCAA is bowing to technology and reality in that coaches can now text, use various forms of social media and the good ol’ fashioned phone to stay in touch with prospective players throughout the recruiting process.
  • Proposal 13-5-A “which will eliminate restrictions on sending printed recruiting materials to recruits.” Schools can do it, it’s still verboten for conferences, however.
  • Proposal 11-2, which will eliminate the rules defining recruiting coordination functions that must be performed only by a head or assistant coach.  It allows a program’s recruiting coordinator  or other assistants to contact recruits.
  • Proposal 11-4, “allowing all assistants to be on the road recruiting at the same time, as opposed to the current rules that require coaches’ trips to be staggered. which will remove limits on the number of coaches who can recruit off-campus at any one time, the so-called “baton rule.”  Self-explanatory.

All of these proposals represent common sense moves bringing the NCAA into the 21st century in one respect and they help diminish the possibility of violations for a program.  

“These new rules represent noteworthy progress toward what can only be described as more common sense rules that allow schools more discretion in decision-making,” NCAA president Mark Emmert said in a release. “This vote by the Board of Directors refocuses our attention on the things that really matter, the core values of intercollegiate athletics.”

Common sense?   Only if they’re not abused.  Think about those stud recruits on Aug. 1 when these rules go into effect.   Constant text messages, phone calls and tweets.  But you’d have to expect that most coaches have the good sense not to overdo things.  In case they don’t there are people called parents who should be able to do the job for them.

According to Zips coach Keith Dambrot, college basketball programs have served as a guinea pig for the rules that just passed.  NCAA Div. I hoops coach have been able to contact high school sophomores with texts, social media messages and via phone on an unlimited basis since the summer.


"It made a difference.  For us we tried to get on things early," Dambrot said. "Because we recruit so many high school kids, it makes a huge difference."

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