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New depth chart

By mrasor Published: August 27, 2007

The team released a new depth chart today. (Download the new depth chart)

    Here are the changes from the spring version...
    Quarterback -- Chris Jacquemain, then Carlton Jackson, then Matt Rodgers. In J.D. Brookhart's weekly press conference, he said the staff trusts Jacquemain more not to commit turnovers. He added that Rodgers is the most mature freshman he's ever dealt with.
    Running back -- Dennis Kennedy, then Bryan Williams. No love for Alex Allen or Andre Walker? Walker previously was the second-stringer. I figured Allen would be No. 2 after camp. He was very impressive.
    Wide receiver -- Jabari Arthur and Stephon Fuqua are starters. Alphonso Owen and Brandon Williams will back them up. Marcus Patterson and Richard Sandilands are third string. This is another surprise to me, as I thought that, other than Arthur, Williams and Owen looked best in practice.
    Tight end -- It remains Kris Kasparek, Merce Poindexter and Jose Cruz. I thought Brian Flaherty would have crept up that list, but he still should play with the many two-tight end sets the new offense will feature.
    Left tackle -- Chris Kemme, then Keith Huebner, then Casey Estrada.
    Left guard -- Mike Ward, then Elliott Bates.
    Center -- Mike Schepp, then Elliott Bates. As the only lineman listed at two positions, the sophomore Bates figures to play a lot.
    Right guard -- Zack Anderson, then Jason Sekinger. Both players came to campus as touted blockers. With Anderson, in particular, I was wondering when he'd break into the starting lineup.
    Right tackle -- Corey Woods, then Zac Kasparek. The younger Kasparek is the only true freshman on the offensive depth chart, other than Rodgers.
    Fullback -- Joe Tuzze, then Joe McDaniel. The players were tied going into the spring. The question is, how often will Joe Moorhead call plays including a fullback.
    Defensive end -- Almondo Sewell, then Mitchell Magloire.
    Nose guard -- Wallace Pendleton, then Nate Robinson, then Dan Marcoux. This position will belong to Eric Lively once Jared Cecchetti returns from a broken foot sometime around Week Four. The inclusion of Marcoux (pronounced MAR-koo) indicates he will be one of the true freshman to see time on the defensive front.
    Defensive tackle -- Lively, then Viktor Rajek. Until Week Four, that is.
    Strongside linebacker (SAM) -- Brion Stokes, then Parris McNeal. McNeal is one of two Zips to obtain a fifth-year of eligibility under Proposition 48. The other is Reggie Corner.
    MIKE (named in honor of Zips blogger Mike Rasor, or perhaps it means middle linebacker) -- Kevin Grant, then Ray Siler. Some might call it dumb luck, but Siler seems to be in position to make plays a lot. He had at least two turnovers returned for touchdowns this spring.
    Bandit -- Doug Williams, then Amin Kabir. No change from the spring.
    Rover -- John Mackey, then Wayne Cobham. No change.
    Strong safety -- Chevin Pace, then Brandon Anderson. Anderson held the job after the spring.
    Free safety -- Andre Jones, then Yamari Dixon. No change.
    Front cornerback -- Corner, then Miguel Graham. Graham is a juco transfer playing his junior season.
    Back cornerback -- Davanzo Tate, then Rodney Etienne. While Tate excels at pass coverage, Etienne can lay one helluva hit.
    Place kicker -- Igor Iveljic, then Matt Domonkos. Neither impressed me this fall. It looks like Zack Campbell will just watch this season unless there is a repeat of last season.
    Holder -- Mackey, then Sandilands. The backup was Carlton Jackson.
    Snapper -- Schepp, then Sekinger. It appears the team will differentiate between snaps on punts and place kicks.
    Punter -- John Stec, then Andy Hildreth. Hildreth is longer, but Stec gets the ball off faster and maintains a longer hangtime.
    Long snapper -- Flaherty, then Campbell. How many teams have a kicker as a snapper?
    Kick returner -- Bryan Williams or Alphonso Owen.
    Punt returner -- Andre Jones, then Brandon Anderson.
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