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By mrasor Published: January 6, 2008

Men's basketball

    From today's newspapers...
    The PD's Elton Alexander wrote extensively about Steve McNees.
    The same goes for the story by ABJ's Tom Gaffney.
    The Dayton Daily News story talks mentions McNees' tattoo, which is somewhat surprising to see on a smallish point guard. The paper has a separate story about how Miami misuses Tim Pollitz. The RedHawks better figure it out before heading to Ohio on Sunday.

My thoughts on the game... Miami has serious issues on offense. They showed no identity or flow. Their offense should run exactly like Akron's, with the ball starting in the post or high post to Pollitz, then dishing out to one of the guards when a double-team comes. Instead, they ran a few screens and got shots for the secondary players, like Eric Pollitz.
This team also might profit from speeding up the game during conference play. It works well in non-conference because it prevents better teams from gaining momentum, and it allows Miami to stay close until the end. MAC teams are well-accustomed to Miami's plan and don't get as frustrated by it. The RedHawks have some players who could be good in transition, but we'll never know.
Most importantly, however, Miami needs a freaking point guard! The RedHawks never will get easy baskets and a crisp offense without a playmaker at the 1. The RedHawks will win a lot of games in the MAC. The Zips were really pumped up and played excellent defense. Outside of Kent State, Miami might not be overmatched like that all season.
Charlie Coles is a really good coach and an even better person. He might retire after this year. I'd like to see his team succeed (as long as it's not at the Zips' expense again).
Akron, meanwhile, needs to avoid a letdown against Buffalo, who has beaten South Florida, Tulane and Evansville. I will preview that game next week.
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