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Newsday: Akron, a football power

By mrasor Published: December 19, 2005


This surprised me. While I was surfing through football news, I read this from Newsday about Chase Blackburn's performance Sunday. Read the third paragraph closely.

That's because Chase Blackburn, a rookie free agent out of noted football power Akron University, stepped in for Emmons and moved to the middle. Fourth-year veteran Nick Greisen, who practiced all week in the middle, moved to the outside.

First, the writer doesn't know, like many people at UA, that we are UA, not AU. University of Akron, not Akron University. Forget that for a second.

He called Akron a "noted football power." That's high praise from a newspaper with the third-highest circulation in the country. I hope J.D. Brookhart has his scissors out so he can show it to recruits.

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