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Oh, my

By mrasor Published: November 19, 2011


Just when we think we've seen the low point of the season, we get blasted with another embarrassing game.

Akron lost by a score of 51-10 to Buffalo, the second-worst team in the MAC.

It. Doesn't. Get. Worse. Than. That.

When even your fellow conference doormats are beating you by 41, it's time to reassess if the program is even Division I-A caliber. Akron has lost its 10 games to FBS opponents by a combined score of 381 to 115. That gives you an average final score of 38.1 to 11.5.

Fans will call for a new coach with even more fervor than before. I don't blame them, but I don't agree with them. This isn't a matter of needing someone to "coach them up." There is an obvious discrepancy in talent, and the new staff has not had a chance to recruit except for one of its own classes (I don't count 2010, which was a transition year).

Also, why dump even more money into the football program to buy out three years of Rob Ianello's contract?

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