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Ohio's epidemic of political stupidity

By mrasor Published: September 21, 2007

It seemed maybe Ted Strickland had some sense.
He wasn't from the same breed as Bob Taft, after all.
Not so. Sources are saying Strickland and head education cronie Eric Fingerhut are tossing around the idea of merging Akron with Cleveland State. It might save a few dollars here and there.
I sincerely hope alumni from both universities mobilize to toss these idiots out of office. Any nominal savings would be irrelevant when weighed against the inconvenience for students, the lost credibility for both schools, the lost tradition of both schools and numerous other drawbacks.
Luis Proenza is pretty calm about it, so the idea probably doesn't have legs. If these politicians start publicly discussing it, I personally will lead a picket in front of the governor's mansion.
I agree with the men in this regard: If we were to start all over again with colleges, it probably wouldn't make sense to plant public universities in Cleveland, Youngstown, Akron and Kent. But we can't start over again. So what's the point of mergers that would defeat the purpose of all the infrastructure in place?
Back to Fingerhut. This guy is truly a clown. I remember his Senate campaign chants of "When I say, 'finger,' you say 'hut!'" The guy didn't win a single county against George Voinovich. I do have some faith in Strickland, especially following his tuition freeze. Fingerhut, if he's the one dreaming up this garbage (and even if he's not), has no business holding state-wide office.

    Have you driven by the Rec Center lately? The university put up an incredibly large "Roo Town" poster on one of the facings of the Stile Field House. I've often wondered why UA doesn't do something with that space. I never dreamed it would be that huge. If you haven't seen it, it's worth a diversion on your way home from work. Just drive down Spicer and you can't miss it.
    Rich Bell, the No. 18 center in the nation, committed to Ohio. He had a bunch of MAC offers, including Akron. I don't recall the Zips losing many recruits to the Bobcats in recent history.
    I'm still psyched up about tomorrow. I really have a good feeling about the game. I'll have my prediction tomorrow morning. I'll be tailgating around 8 a.m. It's 6:45 p.m. and...
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