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Parking for $525? No thanks

By mrasor Published: August 6, 2006


If I read a piece of mail that said parking at Zips games would cost an extra $525, I would be astounded, and probably not pay it.

Heck, I'd rather walk from my on-campus apartment than pay that much to tailgate.

But then again, I am a college student. I don't have a real job with real income.

I hate telling people how to spend their money, so I won't. My opinion, though, is you have to pay for quality. In sports, you can always find a Kent State vs. Buffalo game where entry is free with a canned good or a pulse. As a fan, I don't want that. And I'm willing to pay more for a better product.

A lot of people talk about being willing to pay once the new stadium is up. That's great. But a stadium doesn't just pop up out of nowhere. The university must approve it. And whether the alumni will pay a higher price this season for various things probably will weigh on the board of trustees when they decide whether it is appropriate to spend tens of millions of dollars on Proenza Stadium.

Sure, the athletic department would love any additional revenue from this year, but I think the bigger issue is whether the fanbase is willing to provide it in the future.

Akron is no Ohio State and never will be (at least during my lifetime). However, if you looked at what Buckeye alumni pay to see football games, you would gag. Zips games don't need to cost anything near that, but when the product improves, I expect the price to follow it.

THAT BEING SAID, a $500 increase is obscene and insulting to the people who have been the team's most loyal supporters throughout the years. If I am, say Captain Kangaroo, I write a kind letter to Mack Rhoades explaining that such a dramatic price increase is a poor decision. If it's $200, OK. If it's $525, there's no chance people will pay it.

This seems to be a contentious issue, as many of you have contacted me about it. Feel free to comment below.

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