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Penn State wins

By mrasor Published: September 3, 2006


Most of us expected Penn State to win by a few touchdowns.

Here are my notes from Akron's 34-16 loss to PSU...

  • Andy Alleman's personal foul penalty on the first drive hurt badly.

  • With silly penalties, Tim Crouch played a poor first half, but the offensive line gave Luke Getsy little time to throw anyhow.

  • John Mackey and Brion Stokes had some big hits that kept Akron in the game.

  • Joe Tuzze looked like he was in a naked dream after catching a kickoff. He looked around and didn't know what to do.

  • Penn State screwed up two field goals thanks to bad holds.

  • John Mackey caused a fumble on a kick-off.

  • David Harvey made a huge first down in the third quarter.

  • Dennis Kennedy is playing well, but his numbers don't indicate that.

  • "I can't believe they're going for it!" on 4th and 7. Somehow Akron got it. And I retract that statement.

  • Kennedy and Doug Williams deserve props.

  • Mackey got beat for the Lions' third touchdown.

  • John Stek has managed to punt pretty well, despite butterfingers.

  • (I still haven't noticed Paul Posluszny.)
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