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Podcast: Postseason in future?

By mrasor Published: October 9, 2006


The Buchtelite guys talk about the Zips loss at Cincinnati and whether the team still can salvage the season.

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  • The Buchtelite's recap tried to identify what happened with Tim Crouch and Chevin Pace, who were suspended, but coach J.D. Brookhart wouldn't say. A poster on offers something he heard about the situation. My prayers are with the Crouch family if indeed his mother's home burned down.

  • In her weekly diary, the Buchtelite's Amanda Pecota wrote about her experience at the game in Cincinnati.

  • My column gives grades to each part of the team. You won't see quarterback listed, mainly because I goofed up. I'll add a grade for Luke Getsy below...

Days after failing the season's sixth exam, the dreaded news comes: It's report card time.

With a 2-4 record, it should be no surprise that many of you underperformed. A few, however, played very well.

Quarterback - Luke Getsy willed the Zips over NC State. He really hasn't done much since. Part of me wants to say he has played himself out of the NFL Draft. The first two drives against Cincinnati should have reminded you of what he is capable of. Grade: C-

Offensive line - With the entire line returning from last year, the line should have gelled by now. Truth is, it has taken several steps back. The most experienced member, Tim Crouch, has also proven to be least effective. The Zips have given up the second-most sacks in the Mid-American Conference. Grade: D

Running backs - Backup Alex Allen blew out his knee in the preseason. When Dennis Kennedy hurt his shoulder, though, Andre Walker filled in nicely. Still, if the Zips offense is to excel, Kennedy needs to be back to full strength, which he showed is untrue against Cincinnati. Grade: B-

Tight ends - This position looked strong with Kris Kasperek and Merce Poindexter being potential NFL prospects. Poindexter has caught important passes, but Kasperek has dropped some. Grade: C

Wide receivers - Freshman David Harvey has become one of the MAC's best receivers. Jermaine Lindsey, another freshman, also has played well at times. If only Jabari Arthur were more consistent... Grade: B

Defensive line - Until the Cincinnati game, teams had trouble running against Akron. That was mainly due to solid play from nose tackle Kiki Gonzalez. It would be nice to see more sacks, but J.D. Brookhart's 3-3-5 defense really doesn't allow for that. Grade: B+

Linebackers - Quietly, this has become the strongest part of the team. The linebackers, Kevin Grant, Brion Stokes and Mark Groza, are making important tackles and forcing turnovers. Grade: A-

Secondary - Lately, the Zips have been getting burnt on too many deep passes. In the beginning of the season, the cornerbacks were knocking them away. With no starting secondary member taller than 5-foot-11, it seems other teams are beginning to exploit a weakness. Tackling is also a concern. Grade: C-

Kickers/punter - At the end of last season, I predicted kicking problems. Jason Swiger and Billy Sullivan were reliable, and we took it for granted. John Stec is statistically the MAC's second-worst punter. The kicking game also has been an abomination. Matt Domonkos has missed three extra points and is 25 percent on field goal attempts. Zips soccer player Jon McClain is flawless so far in taking over for Domonkos. Knock on wood. Grade: F

Coaches - Their performance seems to vary from week to week. The staff's initial game plan is usually effective. Once opposing coaches adjust, however, the Zips don't alter their plan in response. Effort also wavers from game to game. Beating NC State saved the staff from a failing mark. But keep watching this team. Brookhart will prove he's still the MAC's best coach. Grade: C-

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