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Postgame quotes

By mrasor Published: December 21, 2007

Men's basketball

    "For 16 minutes, we were as good as any of the teams we've had in here."
    The game was a "clone" to YSU's matchup with Kent State, where the Golden Flashes opened a huge lead and the Penguins chipped away to make it close.
    "We looked lethargic."
    "Woody had some trouble in the second half. I thought Dials was a half-step slow after he came back."
    He talked about needing to develop trust in Roberts, which he says he now has in McNees.
    On Linhart taking a charge with the score 50-40: "It changed the game."
    "People aren't sure what we have. If we get it right, we can play with anybody in the league. Right now, I don't think we're better than Miami, Ohio and Kent."

    It was "definitely a weird game."
    "When we're better than them, we should win the second half."
    "They had an edge coming out of halftime."
    On the YSU's run to cut Akron's lead to 10: "I don't think it had anything to do with them. When you're missing shots, you don't play as hard (on defense.)"

My thoughts:
A few things were at play here. 1) Akron might not be be physically prepared to play two games in three nights. The Zips wore out. 2) The Zips didn't seem motivated to give their best effort, even if they could. Why? They have been through this song and dance many times this season. They play a bad team at home (where they almost always beat good teams), they open a huge lead, and then they cruise to a win. It has to be as boring for the team as it is for the fans.
There's not much that whining about the schedule will do at this point, so I'll try to refrain. However, the team is deep enough and competition for playing time is strong enough that fatigue and motivation should not be a problem. The reason I'm not pleased with the performance and that Dambrot is not pleased with the performance, is because we know it would have been a loss against Miami, Kent or Ohio. The team has two weeks to get better. The Miami game is looming.
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