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Predictions for MAC Tournament seeding

By mrasor Published: February 16, 2009

Men's basketball
Only four teams get byes in the MAC Tournament.
I created a way to predict them.

    The rules:
    If you won on the road, you'll win at home. If you lost on the road by more than 10 (at the end of regulation), then you'll lose at home. If you lost on the road by 10 or fewer (at the end of regulation), then you'll win at home.

I realize it's not precise. The "at the end of regulation" feature protects teams that were tied after 40 minutes but fell apart in overtime (like Akron @ Miami).
    Akron -- 7-4
    Win vs. Miami Loss @ Buffalo Win vs. BG Win vs. Ohio Win vs. KSU Predicted finish: 11-5

    Ball State -- 6-5
    Win @ Toledo Win vs. CMU Loss @ NIU Loss @ WMU Win vs. EMU Predicted finish: 9-7

    Bowling Green -- 7-4
    Loss @ Buffalo Loss vs. KSU Loss @ Akron Loss @ Miami Win vs. Ohio Predicted finish: 8-8

    Buffalo -- 9-2
    Win vs. BG Win vs. Akron Loss @ Ohio Win @ KSU Win vs. Miami Predicted finish: 13-3

    Central Michigan -- 4-7
    Win vs. NIU Loss @ BSU Win vs. EMU Loss vs. Toledo Loss @ WMU Predicted finish: 6-10

    Eastern Michigan -- 2-9
    Loss @ WMU Loss vs. Toledo Loss @ CMU Loss vs. NIU Loss @ BSU Predicted finish: 2-14

    Kent State -- 7=4
    Win vs. Ohio Win @ BG Loss @ Miami Loss vs. Buffalo Loss vs. Akron Predicted finish: 9-7

    Miami -- 8=3
    Loss @ Akron Loss @ Ohio Win vs. KSU Win vs. BG Loss @ Buffalo Predicted finish: 10-6

    Northern Illinois -- 3-8
    Loss @ CMU Loss vs. WMU Win vs. BSU Win @ EMU Win @ Toledo Predicted finish: 6-10

    Ohio -- 6-5
    Loss @ KSU Win vs. Miami Win vs. Buffalo Loss @ Akron Loss @ BG Predicted finish: 8-8

    Toledo -- 2-9
    Loss vs. BSU Win @ EMU Loss vs. WMU Win @ CMU Loss vs. NIU Predicted finish: 4-12

    Western Michigan -- 5-6
    Win vs. EMU Win @ NIU Win @ Toledo Win vs. BSU Win vs. CMU Predicted finish: 10-6

    Here are your final standings...
    Buffalo -- 13-3 Akron -- 11-5 Western Michigan -- 10-6 Miami -- 10-6 - - - - - - - - - - - - - Kent State -- 9-7 Ball State -- 9-7 Ohio -- 8-8 Bowling Green -- 8-8 Northern Illinois -- 6-10 Central Michigan -- 6-10 Toledo -- 4-12 Eastern Michigan -- 2-14

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Shane Montgomery has accepted the offensive coordinator position at Akron, reports.
Montgomery was head coach at Miami for four seasons. The RedHawks won the MAC East in two of them. Montgomery helped to develop Ben Roethlisberger at Miami. He also coached Terrell Owens at Chattanooga.
I am very, very excited. I thought Montgomery got shafted at Miami. He is a fantastic coordinator with a track record of developing NFL stars. He also knows the region well for recruiting. Kudos to J.D. Brookhart for having the guts to add a former head coach to his staff.
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