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Prop 48 players

By mrasor Published: January 2, 2006


I haven't seen much on new recruits lately. I know Akron is still after star safety Elijah Fields and star wide receiver Terrence McCrae. Until either of them commit, I'll update you on a couple of last year's signees who haven't played yet.

  • Antwon Hight is a defensive tackle from Canton McKinley. ranked him as the 36th best at his position in the country. Ohio State really wanted to get its hands on him. And Hight wanted to go to Ohio State. But he'll be the first person to tell you that his grades were terrible. So he had to go to classes at UA this fall to become eligible to play for the Zips. An inside source with the team tells me that Hight will be suited up for the Zips next season. I assume Nate Robinson, Jermaine Reid and Kiki Gonzalez will start on the defensive line, so Hight may have to wait a year before getting serious playing time.

  • Jose Cruz is a tight end from Pennsylvania. ranked him as the 36th best tight end (not a typo, both Hight and Cruz are 36th). He also is enrolled in classes at UA. Playing time probably will be sparce for Cruz's first couple years. He will be behind Kris Kasparek (junior next year) and Merce Poindexter (sophomore next year).

  • Marlon Terry was also a prized recruit. He was the 46th best defensive tackle and came from Buchtel High School in Akron. He is not in school. Don't expect to see him in pads anytime soon.

  • Scott Uziel, another tight end from Pennsylvania, has transferred to a small school in his home state. My inside source tells me that Uziel is J.D. Brookhart's only recruit to transfer.

By the way, if you asked me to guess, I'd say Fields is going to Ohio State and McCrae will sign with Akron.

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