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Property owners grasp at straws

By mrasor Published: April 17, 2008

Harry Jackson, the owner of the Odd Corner and Akron alumnus, decided that he will bequeath his $2 million estate to Kent State because Akron is closing his business for the new stadium.
Jackson's money will go to the gays, lesbians, etc. at Kent State. Originally he planned for that money to go to the "alternative lifestyle" students at Akron.
Meanwhile, Manny Nemer is staging a march from his business Manny's Pub to the Student Union on Friday afternoon. This is to "raise awareness" for small business owners. Oh, and the march members will finish up their civic duty with a bunch of booze at Manny's, so certainly some profits are to be had.
With all due respect for Nemer, who is the definition of the American dream, and Jackson, who put away quite a stash from his small tobacco paraphernalia shop, this batch of sour grapes is pathetic.
The framers of our nation foresaw the need to take a private business or home for the public benefit. They had sympathy for these private business owners by requiring the government to pay just compensation.
We all know how this will end. If Jackson wants to take it out on Akron students, that's his perogative. Personally, I won't mind seeing that kind of money spent at Kent State anyhow. I also have skepticism that 1) he really intended to give the money to Akron and 2) he really changed his decision. (Your will is not final until you die.)
As far as Nemer goes, the university is offering him whiskey barrels of cash ($1.05 million). He has plenty to re-establish his bar -- which he intended to renovate anyhow. Jackson also got a sweetheart deal with the university setting him up with another spot on the other side of Exchange Street. Akron students would be justified in boycotting him.
This will all work out for everyone. Bitterness helps no one.

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