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Pry is latest coach to leave

By mrasor Published: May 31, 2006


Zips offensive coordinator Jim Pry is leaving Akron to be the tight ends coach at Illinois.

Pry is a good recruiter. It's also pretty late in the offseason to be losing a coach. I'll be interested to see what coach J.D. Brookhart does.

This is the third assistant to leave Brookhart's staff this offseason. It makes you wonder why the whole staff didn't get a raise after winning the MAC Championship.

It also makes me wonder what the hell is going on with getting Brookhart an extension. I reported earlier that Brookhart (and men's basketball coach Keith Dambrot) have been extended -- that they are just plodding through red tape. That may still be true, but this is becoming outrageous.

Athletic director Mack Rhoades needs to explain to the team, the media and the campus what is going on here. Not getting Brookhart and Dambrot an extension is unacceptable for a winning athletic department, especially when the university promised its best coaches an extension five months ago.

My hunch is that it isn't Rhoades or UA President Luis Proenza who is holding it up. It is someone in between. That person should be chastized for not doing his or her job.

If we lose Dambrot or Brookhart because they go to a big school for a big contract we can't match, that is a bitter pill. But most people will be OK with it eventually. If they leave because we disrespect them like this, the athletic department is getting what it deserves. All those fans that jumped on the bandwagon during Fear the Roo-mania will jump off just as quickly.

And yes, you can tell I'm pretty ticked off. That's because these kinds of mistakes will take Akron back to the Stone Age of college athletics. The University of Akron athletics department is at a crossroads. It can keep its momentum and become an elite mid-major (and that's not an oxymoron). Or it can crumble back into the years of Lee Owens and Dan Hipsher.

I realize the University of Akron pays me for this blog. That should create a conflict of interest, but it doesn't. I am calling out the administration.

Dr. Proenza, Mr. Rhoades, please get this done!

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