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QBs shine in first scrimmage

By mrasor Published: August 13, 2008


The Zips offense came alive Wednesday morning.
Chris Jacquemain and Matt Rodgers combined for 32-of-58 for 463 yards and five touchdowns.
"Tremendous progress," coach J.D. Brookhart called it. "For the first time, we have two units that can operate."
How good were things going for the quarterbacks? Lineman Zack Anderson caught a tipped Jacquemain pass and rumbled 32 yards with it.
Brookhart and the coaches will talk about naming a starter tonight. However, the coach said Jacquemain is clearly the No. 1 at this point.
"He makes good decisions 99 percent of the time," Brookhart said.
The coach was also quick to prop up Rodgers, saying he was comfortable with having the freshman behind center.
Jeremy Bruce, Andre Jones and Dashan Miller were the main beneficiaries from the aerial attack. They should be the top three receivers on the depth chart.

    Here are some notes from the scrimmage...
    Anderson's catch off the tip was the play of the day. It got a rise out of the team.
    At halftime of the scrimmage, Brookhart came over to ask what we thought. He was pretty giddy about having the depth to scrimmage like this so early in the preseason.
    Andrew Johnson looked really good. He might not be an every-down back, but he should be Akron's equivalent of a Reggie Bush -- a guy who can score on any play. He also has a good attitude.
    Some of the injured players returned. Marquinn Davis is one. The defensive lineman looks like a black Rambo. Mark my words, the first time you see Davis' size, you will gasp.
    Jacquemain impressed me for the first time today. He didn't do anything spectacular, but he moved the team and made smart passes. Rodgers threw some great balls. He is the more exciting player to watch.
    Nate Burney, who is listed as a defensive back, got a lot of carries today in the absence of Dennis Kennedy, who sat out with a minor injury.
    Brookhart said he has never seen so many injuries before. "It's been ridiculous," he said. Despite that, Almondo Sewell returned today. Deryn Bowser and Ryan Bain are probably a week or two away with their foot injuries.
    Both candidates for the starting safety position, Jalil Carter and Tyler Campbell, were out today, too.
    There was a minor scuffle between Chris Kemme and Dan Marcoux in the trenches. ABJ beat reporter Tom Gaffney chimed in: "If only I wrote about every time Nick Dials got in a fight at practice..."
    Freshman update: Brookhart is pleased with defensive lineman James Harvey. "He's just a big, powerful kid," the coach said.
    To answer a couple questions from 1) Yes, the QB will continue to take signals from the sideline. The reason is to allow the offense to adjust to the defense's setup. 2) The special teams look great. With the Zips' fantastic returners and kicker and Brookhart's obsession with special teams, it should not be a problem at all. In fact, says Akron has two of the five best special teamers in the MAC.
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