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Quarterbacks sit out with minor injuries

By mrasor Published: April 5, 2007


Carlton Jackson and Chris Jacquemain sat out today's practice with undisclosed minor injuries.

Akron's No. 1 and 2 passers on the depth chart were hurt during consecutive plays on Tuesday.

J.D. Brookhart didn't seem to think the injuries were too serious. Still, there's obviously no reason making some extend himself for a lousy spring practice.

Their absence meant Sean Hakes took all the snaps. I didn't see the whole practice, but it appeared he was being a little more conservative in his passing. And Brookhart was being less aggressive in his running. With three quarterbacks injured (including supposed emergency QB Jabari Arthur), the team doesn't want to resort to last year's No. 2 passer statistically -- Dennis Kennedy.

Jackson and Jacquemain could be back tomorrow.

It's notes time...

  • With snow falling, the team moved festivities indoors to the Field House. This may not seem like a big deal, but before the Field House, the team would have been out at the Rubber Bowl. How's that for a recruiting pitch?

  • Andrew Johnson looked pretty good, dodging tackles. Andre Walker, however, earned play of the day with a 50-plus yard run after some devastating juke moves.

  • I don't see a scenario where Dennis Kennedy loses his starting job, except for injuries. The second string spot, on the other hand, is very much in the air. Brookhart said Walker has looked very good this spring. Alex Allen may have him beat in the raw talent department, but I think the backup job is Walker's to lose.

  • Defensive lineman Craig Truax has been on crutches this week. I'm not sure why, and Brookhart doesn't like to talk about injuries. He was still dressed for practice, so it must not be that serious.

  • Offensive coordinator Joe Moorhead worked with Hakes in tossing the option pitch. This, undoubtedly, will be a larger part of Akron's offense this year -- regardless of who is taking the snaps.

  • Speaking of snaps, the centers worked on hiking the ball out of the shotgun today. Given their struggles this spring, that's a welcomed sight.

  • I asked Brookhart to list some of the younger players who have impressed him. He talked about offensive linemen Elliott Bates, Corey Woods, Keith Huebner and Mike Ward. Defensive back Amin Kabir and linebacker Al-Teric Balaam also excited the coach. Brookhart on Kabir: "Look out. He's explosive."

  • Viktor Rajek is learning quickly at defensive line, Brookhart said.

  • Offensive lineman transfer Casey Estrada is making progress in the weight room, but he might be a year away from starting.

  • I'll be back at practice tomorrow. It starts at 3:15 p.m. in the Field House.

Respected college football blog Sunday Morning Quarterback took some shots at yours truly. I can't complain because I've definitely ripped a fellow writer or two. Oh well. I guess SMQ doesn't understand when I say Carlton Jackson could be a Michael Vick clone, it means he has a similar playing style -- not that he will go No. 1 overall.

The real reason SMQ is taking shots? They wanted me to write the Akron preview myself. Instead, I told them to feel free to take tidbits off my blog. I'm a busy man. Charity work in journalism is for suckers.

Regardless, SMQ does a terrific job of breaking down college football in a digestible, entertaining way.

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