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Quotes from Portland

By Tom Gaffney Published: March 18, 2009

Here are some quotes from the press conference with the Zips in Portland:
Coach Dambrot on the Zags:  ""I think the biggest challenge we face with Gonzaga is simple. I think, that a lot of times, when you coach you can handle tremendous size or terrific skill. But the biggest problem we have with Gonzaga is they not only have tremendous size, but terrific skill.''
Chris McKnight on the Zips work ethic: "'It comes from just working so hard earlier in the year. Coach always pushes us to go hard, especially in practice, because if it comes easier in practice then it will be a lot easier in games.''
Nate Linhart, same topic:  "It's always been our motto to play harder than the other team. Coach is always constantly reminding us that we're not very skilled or talented. We had to find other ways to win. Playing hard just goes hand in hand with that.'' 
Darryl Roberts on the possibility of an upset: ""We are trying to stay away from that and stick to what we do. We just want to perform well and show we are capable of playing with a high conference team.''
Steve McNees on  being in the tournament:  ""It's been a heck of a ride for the entire group. It means a lot for not just the team, but the whole school, to make the tournament for the first time in 23 years. We are here to have fun and take it all in, but we're here to win and compete.''

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