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Robinson loses starting job

By mrasor Published: April 30, 2007

It seemed like the coaching staff was pleased with Nate Robinson's progress this spring.
He looked slimmer, too.
However, the post-spring depth chart shows Wallace Pendleton as the starting nose tackle. That's the biggest surprise in the new depth chart.
There is still no decision at quarterback. All three candidates are tied for the race. Place kicker also is up in the air.
You can compare the old and new depth chart (Post-spring Depth Chart PDF) or just read below as I have outlined the other changes...

    Offense: There is no third-string running back listed. It formerly was Bryant McMillon.
    Casey Estrada moved from third-string left tackle to second-string right tackle.
    Jason Sekinger moved from backup right tackle to third-string right guard.
    Mike Ward moved from backup center to starting left guard.
    Elliott Bates moved from backup left guard to backup center.
    Garrett Brewster moved from starting left guard to backup left guard.
    Joe Tuzze has moved up to a tie for the starting fullback job with Joe McDaniel.
    Mitchell Magloire took the backup defensive end job from Craig Truax, who was injured this spring.
    Shawn Lemon moved to second-string defensive tackle, rather than Nick Legger.
    Amin Kabir advanced to second-string bandit.
    Brandon Anderson is the new starting strong safety. Chevin Pace will back him up.
    Davanzo Tate beat out Anderson for one cornerback spot. Rodney Etienne will back him up.
    Jose Cruz is the new backup to Brian Flaherty at long snapper.
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