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Rumor mongering backfires

By mrasor Published: August 5, 2006


Did you see how the PD's Roger Brown speculated that J.D. Brookhart is on his way to Cincinnati once the Bearcats have an unsuccessful 2006 season?

He's wrong.

Cincy extended coach Mark Dantonio's contract through 2010 last fall. Former AD Bob Goin did it quietly before he left. The Bearcats would waste hundreds of thousands of dollars by severing ties with Dantonio before his contract is up to salvage a football team at a basketball school.

Just so you know, there are considerably less restrictions on a blog. Still, if I'm going to write about a rumor, I'll qualify it by stating my uncertainty of the source.

Consider this a reminder how lucky you are that you have Tom Reed and Terry Pluto, and not Brown.

  • Here is an example of that: Some posters on are saying the university is increasing the cost of parking several fold. If true, that might hurt tailgating.
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