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Running game notes

By mrasor Published: November 24, 2007

Men's basketball

    Keep refreshing the page throughout the half. I'll be adding notes as we go...
    Zips starting lineup: Cedrick Middleton, Nick Dials, Jimmy Conyers, Quade Milum and Jeremiah Wood.
    Wood has a giant afro. Combine that with his capri pants and he's the biggest train wreck/circus act in the MAC.
    For some reason, Dials and Middleton were in the lane while Wood shot foul shots, while Milum and Conyers were behind the arc. Knowing how bad he is at foul shots, that makes zero sense.
    I love how Conyers crashes the boards. His athleticism and fearlessness make him a great asset as a rebounder.
    The AK-Rowdies are really screwing with Binghamton's guards by counting down the shot clock prematurely.
    The Bearcats play stingy defense on the perimeter. Don't look for a lot of 3-pointers tonight.
    Akron's offense looks good with a lot of ball movement to wear out Binghamton's zone.
    The game's fast pace and physicality has led to a few floor burns.
    As good as Conyers has become at rebounding and defense, I wish Keith Dambrot would force the offense through him for 10 straight plays, just to get him more comfortable with the ball. He looks like the kid on the playground who rarely gets the rock, and when he does, he's too tentative to be effective.
    There is a large Bud Light banner on the facing of the scorers' table. I thought the U had a deal with Coors Light. Regardless, it's an upgrade in taste.
    Crummiest things about this game: 1) Akron's shooting. 2) Akron's defensive rebounding. 3) The crowd size. 4) The AK-Rowdies contingent.
    What I like about Steve McNees, Pt. I: He's a creative passer, but not in an And1 Mixtape sort of way. He knows how to manipulate the defense with his dribble to open holes for his teammates.
    The referees are calling this game in an odd manner. They're letting them play through some tough battles for the ball, but calling ticky-tack offensive fouls. They're doing it both ways, so it's not a big deal.
    BU guard Dwayne Jackson is from Walsh Jesuit High School. He is the Warriors' all-time leading scorer and rebounder. He's averaging 8.8 points per game. Tonight, he has three foul shots to his credit.
    Chris McKnight drained a 3 to end the half. He has six points.
    One of Binghamton's assistants is Mark Macon. Think for a second where you recognize that name... Done? He played six years in the NBA, mostly with Denver. I distinctly remember him running the point with one of those vintage Nuggets unis that featured the Denver skyline. I attended a Cavs-Nuggets game at age 6 with chicken pox during the Macon era. Yeah, my dad was pretty much amazing for taking me to all those game at Richfield Coliseum.
    Binghamton is shooting 27 percent and has two assists compared to 14 turnovers. Good defense so far from the Zips.
    Akron's up by 22, but the gap should be 30. Dambrot has every right to be mad after all the points his team has left on the table.
    How obsessed is Nick Goddard with shooting? Rather than attempting to save a ball on the sideline to a teammate, he hurled it toward the rim. I am not, and probably never will be, on the Goddard bandwagon.
    Final score: Akron 71, Binghamton 51
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