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Running game notes - Akron @ Dayton

By mrasor Published: January 2, 2008

Men's basketball

    Keep refreshing...
    Brian Roberts got his second foul with more than 10 minutes to go. That could let the Zips open a lead. But as Miami found out, no lead is safe against Dayton.
    Dayton's Web site has a live video feed, mixed with their radio broadcast. The radio guys don't know that they're still on the air when the radio station goes to commercial. Let's hope they keep the chit-chat clean.
    Jeremiah Wood better never take another jump shot.
    Akron is playing well defensively, but the Zips also are getting a lot of rebounds. A lot like with UIC's Josh Mayo, Akron is making Roberts look a lot worse than he is. Taking a team out of its usual offense like this is a great way to beat a better team. If the Zips keep it up, they will win. I promise.
    The way these radio guys talk, especially when they think they're off the air, you would think they are assistant coaches. They say "we" and "us" way too much. Does that bother anyone else?
    Wood should draw a charge next time Kurt Huelsman backs him down. Huelsman is a powerful post player but not even Shaquille O'Neal backs people down from the perimeter.
    The stats might not show it, but this is the best game Nick Dials has played in his career. He's making fine passes and stroking just about every shot.
    "This is Akron's Super Bowl," according to the radio color guy. Uh, no. It's not even the most important game of the week.
    You might have seen the last alley-oop attempt from Steve McNees. That's unacceptable on a 2-on-1 break in a close college game.
    We haven't seen much Chris Wright, Dayton's second-leading scorer.
    My fingernails are nearly gone. That's how I judge excitement in sporting events.
    The Zips sorely need a go-to player on the perimeter. When your key weapon is in the post, it's too easy to prevent him from even getting the ball. If a similar situation presents itself in overtime, I want to see Dials drive and/or dish.
    Akron is having a lot of success in double-teaming Roberts. Roberts can pass, but the rest of the team is not great at swinging to ball to the open player.
    Huge shots by McNees and Dials. That's the Zips' best bet to win.
    I think Dials might have been gun shy on the last possession. He should have held onto the ball and taken a last-second shot.
    I can't believe Dials was not allowed three foul shots. They said the foul was not in the act of shooting, but what else could he be doing with 0.2 seconds left? It certainly wasn't a pass. That's a screw-job, but it shouldn't take away from an outstanding game.
    With Miami lurking, Akron should focus on the positives. The team easily could have won in a hostile environment against a team that just beat No. 6 in the nation. Terrific defensive effort. McNees showed he is more than worthy of playing when it matters. Dials pulled him up to an equal plane with Wood, in my eyes. That's the kind of play that wins NCAA Tournament games.
    Final/2OT -- Dayton 83, Akron 81
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