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Saturday scrimmage notes

By mrasor Published: April 21, 2007

It took 15 practices for the passing game to come around with the Zips relying on underclassmen quarterbacks and backup receivers.
Chris Jacquemain particularly played well in Saturday's scrimmage, completing 11 of 14 passes for 108 yards and two touchdowns.
Sean Hakes and Carlton Jackson looked good at times, too.
Coach J.D. Brookhart wanted some clarity with quarterback situation this spring. If anything, the situation became more muddled.
Just a week ago, I thought this would be a two-man race between Jackson and Hakes. You might even say Jacquemain has clawed into the lead after a strong set of practices following the spring game.
My gut tells me the coaching staff will go with Jackson because he's the incumbent of sorts, but who knows? The coaching staff is taking a week-long vacation. They will return and produce a new depth chart which should answer some questions.

    Brookhart brought in real refs for the game. Short shorts was the attire of choice for the zebras. I'll give them this, it was pretty hot out there.
    There sure were a ton of spectators for a "closed to the public" scrimmage. I counted about 80.
    The first part of the game saw the offense run a lot of quarterback draws. I seriously don't like those plays. At least give your passer an option to throw before making him plow into the line. The defense sniffed out most of them, and I suspect opponents will, too.
    It would have been nice to see the centers make progress on shotgun snaps. They are pretty bad about half the time. One bad snap caused a turnover today.
    Rodney Etienne led with his helmet and laced into Marcus Patterson coming across the middle. That was the highlight of the game for me.
    It was an eventful day for the kickers. Matt Domonkos had a field goal attempt blocked. He missed a 56-yarder but made a 52-yarder. About the three blocks in both scrimmages, Brookhart blamed low kicks.
    Igor Iveljic kicked with the first team. He absolutely biffed a 52-yarder, but converted from 45 and 38 yards. He appears to be ahead in that job battle.
    Andre Walker has some pretty good juke moves. With all the depth at running back, why not have him return punts?
    I asked Brookhart about the leadership on this team compared to last year. Before I could finish the question, the coach said, "very different." I won't steal thunder from my column this Tuesday, but this counseling session the team attended really seems to have worked.
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