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Score doesn't tell story

By mrasor Published: October 16, 2005


This might be the closest 28-point game in football history. Akron lost 51-23 to Miami Saturday in Oxford. If you didn't listen to the game on the radio or read about it in the ABJ today, the Zips played a solid three quarters against Miami. After a Jason Swiger field goal, Akron led 17-7 in the second quarter. The Zips even had a chance midway through the fourth quarter -- down a touchdown with the ball. Akron punted. Then Miami scored three touchdowns within one minute.

I wasn't at the game. From the radio broadcast, the Zips sounded like an undisciplined team that gave up as soon as Miami took a two-touchdown lead in the fourth quarter. Late in the game, officials flagged Akron players for unsportsmanlike conduct and other frustration-related penalties.

The loss is not all the defense's fault. It gave up several game-breaking plays, but also forced Miami into three turnovers.

I was more disappointed to see the team's lack of discipline. I trust coach J.D. Brookhart will have Akron ready to beat Army on Saturday's homecoming game.

Other thoughts on the game...

I was glad to see Jabari Arthur score a touchdown as a receiver. He basically has disappeared from the offense after being a solid secondary receiver last year.

Luke Getsy has been much better than expected at quarterback this year. However, he needs to stop making the Brett Favre pass. It is the throw that only Favre can make, but all quarterbacks aspire to complete. It's the deep pass into triple coverage. It's throwing across the field and across your body as rolling toward the sideline. When Getsy throws those, the result is often a pick.

Dominik Hixon was a non-factor. Miami kicked the ball away from him until the game was out of hand. He had 88 receiving yards, which is a good game for any football player. But Hixon is the nation's leader in all-purpose yards, above names like Reggie Bush and Ted Ginn Jr. Maybe it was a bad game for Hixon. Or maybe teams are starting to pay more attention to him. A combination of those two factors is more likely.

Brett Biggs continues to exemplify his last name. His presence has been huge every week. Even with a minor elbow injury during the game, Biggs tallied 153 yards and two touchdowns. Most of his yards were earned after turning a likely loss of yards into a big gain.

Overall, this wasn't a game I expected Akron to win. This was a game I expected the Zips to compete in. For three quarters, they did.

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