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Season concludes with strong effort

By mrasor Published: March 20, 2009

Men's basketball
Every year, there are No. 4 seeds that appear ripe for the picking. On the other hand, there usually are No. 4 seeds that have just as much talent as the boys at the top. Akron stumbled into the backyard of one of them, fought them punch-for-punch, but eventually succumbed.
If there was ever a loss where Keith Dambrot doesn't have to read negative comments, it should be this one. The Zips were like the little brother who made enough shots to give the older brother a scare in the driveway. Eventually, size, experience and skill became too much for the underdog.
Congratulations to this Nate Linhart-led team, which broke new ground for the program and refused to be satisfied with just seeing its name on the bracket. If you still don't comprehend what Linhart has meant to this team, you have chosen not to. The postseason also revealed the next generation of Zips leaders: Chris McKnight, Brett McKnight, Steve McNees and Humpty Hitchens.
Indeed, the program is in great hands, even without adding a monster shot blocker next season.

    I kept up with the game on my cell phone during a banquet. It was agony. It's ironic that I would follow 95 percent of Akron's games the past four years, then completely airball it on the first NCAA Tournament berth in 23 years. Oh well... We have heard a lot of pro-Akron basketball feedback from members of other law reviews from across the nation.
    After Day One, we have a four-way tie in the AK-Rowdies Bracket Challenge. Tied with 15 points are: Howard Cleveland, Matt Strand, David Whipple and (ugh) Kiel Fleming. Good luck to Cleveland, Strand and Whipple. They will have to hold off 135 other AK-Rowdies. Oh, and good luck to Fleming, too, I guess.
    For the coaches, the next step is recruiting the 2010 class. Akron is going after another stud big man, and I'm hearing Zips might just land him.
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