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Soccer renovations sped up

By mrasor Published: July 1, 2010

Men's soccer
Usually, plans to build or renovate are delayed. Coming a penalty kick away from a national championship accelerated the process for the soccer team.
By the beginning of the 2010 season, the university will introduce a new look to Lee Jackson Field that includes a new set of grandstands, press box, team rooms and bleachers in both endzones. The student standing area will be preserved along the east and northeast corner of the field.
The plans originally called for only a new field surface by this fall, constituting Phase I. The additions to the fan seating and press box were coming later. The article says that an "outpouring" of community support is to credit for the Phase II acceleration.
Seating will almost double from 950 to 1650. Attendance, of course, will be much higher when you include those in the standing area.
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