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Some thoughts on the stadium

By mrasor Published: July 20, 2007

I appreciate all the feedback on the stadium. It justified all the hassle the university gave me in acquiring the rendering.
Here are some of my thoughts...

    There are no lights clearly shown in the photo. They must be either hidden in the facing of the press box or left out of the drawing as an oversight. If UA built a stadium without lights -- especially after all the angst associated with the Rubber Bowl's lights and considering the MAC's best shot for national television is on weekday nights -- everyone should be fired. Rest assured. There will be light.
    Parking is another concern for many. I don't see it as a huge problem. People want to park in a giant deck right next to the stadium. Truth is, even a large deck only would account for about 1,000 spaces. And that would add several million dollars to the project. There are two pretty big decks within shouting distance of the stadium complex, not to mention countless lots and private houses that wouldn't mind using their crummy lawns to make some sweet cash. My issue is tailgating. If I can't tailgate before a Zips game, I will not be a happy or generous alumnus.
    I'm not sure what to make of all the negativity from people commenting on my blog, even from UA alumni. OK, I understand the Zips may have been a second-rate program when you went to school. That might have even created some bitterness inside you. But be happy the program now possesses the weapons (Stile Field House included) to win the MAC recruiting battles and possibly advance to a better conference in the next 20 years. Heck, go back and take a class or two so you can feel like you're part of the new "Akron U." (Psst. It's called UA now.)
    I specifically requested public information related to the buildings that are surrounding the stadium to the south and east. I suspect they are dorms. If UA instead will lease those properties to other private businesses, the university could have some fun in court. If I'm Joe of Joe's Sun Bar (assuming a guy named Joe owns it), that would be of serious interest to me. Eminent domain is not nearly a slam dunk when you're taking from private business owners and giving to other private business owners. There are some famous Supreme Court cases involving just that, which I plan to look into. The board of trustees, however, will not vote on the other properties just yet, so the university does not have to commit at this point.
    I don't know if UA's VP of capital planning Ted Curtis reads this blog. If he does, I came up with a cool idea while walking downtown today. Why not replace the script "Q" atop the Crowne Plaza Hotel at Quaker Square with a Zips logo? That would be a neat way of connecting the university to downtown, which has been a goal long before Luis Proenza took over. The university bought Quaker Square to use as dorms to make up for the rooms to be demolished for the stadium.
    A poster on uploaded a photo of the University of Virginia's football stadium, which is a horseshoe shape with a grassy hill in the open end zone for seating. It's hard to tell on the rendering if Akron's stadium includes that as well, but it might. I traveled with the team to Charlottesville, Va., in 2004 and it was a genuine college football experience.
    Props to Stan Piatt for the shout out on 100.1 FM WNIR this morning. Also props to Steve French who praised the Buchtelite the day before.
    The stadium has brought a lot more visitors to this blog. Just so you know, I cover mainly men's basketball and football on a daily basis. Feel free to e-mail me anytime with comments, questions or anger. My address is Or you can IM me: MRasor0200.
    A new scholarship offer...
    Russell Ellington, outside linebacker, Homewood, Ill. Offers: Akron, Wake Forest, Iowa State, Michigan State, Western Michigan and Eastern Illinois Height: 6-foot-2 Weight: 203 Speed: 4.6 Notes: lists Ellington as the nation's No. 67 wide receiver. Likelihood: Ellington committed early to Iowa State but recently decommitted. He wants to take a few visits, but still says the Cyclones are in the lead. Bill Simmons would liken it to visiting a few strip clubs on the eve of your wedding night. Ellington specifically mentioned Akron and Wake Forest in a story. Ellington has "low" interest in fellow MAC member Western Michigan.
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