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Somewhat off topic...

By mrasor Published: November 3, 2005

If you are an avid reader of the Buchtelite, which I encourage, I'm sure you read my opinion on Akron's student government. Associated Student Government has gone far too long without media (AKA Buchtelite) scrutiny. Members are given scholarships and plenty of money to spend throughout the year on projects. I apologize that kind of power has gone unchecked since I have arrived at UA. It will not receive that luxury any longer. The Buchtelite should be a better watchdog for where your fees are going.

Men's soccer

On a lighter (but perhaps more important) note, Akron's soccer match against Indiana will begin in three hours (7 p.m.). Two Buchtelite representatives were slated to be there. Because of miscommunication, that will not happen. You can watch the Internet cast on for up-to-date scoring.

Akron gave Ken Lolla a five-year extension on his contract today. That might be the biggest no-brainer since the Cavaliers picked up the option on LeBron James' 2007-08 contract.

Check back later tonight for my take on the game.

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