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Sorry Toledo, but ...

By mrasor Published: March 2, 2007

Men's basketball

Akron and Kent State are the MAC's best teams this year.

That's not to discredit what Toledo has accomplished this year with an impressive streak through the MAC West schlubs.

RPI shows a small discrepancy. Akron is No. 69. Kent State sits at 75. Toledo is 79th.

The Mid-Major Top 25 has Akron at No. 9. Kent State is 29th. Toledo is tied for 32nd.

What's the point of this post? I'm a little peeved that the divisions are so unbalanced this year. There are five good MAC teams, and four play in the East. That basically ensures Toledo's MAC regular season championship.

It also means Akron and Kent State can't play in the tournament championship as the No. 1 and 2 seeds.

I suppose it goes both ways. In football, the MAC East will be pathetic next year, while several heavyweights will bang heads for the West crown.

Now that I'm done with this aimless rant, I'll return to sweating over my senior honors project.


Akron's athletic department is one of 10 in the nation to win an "Overall Excellence in Diversity" award.

I scratched my head at that, then did a little snooping. UA has no blacks in upper-level administration positions. The same goes for head coaches.

I'm not a huge fan of Affirmative Action, and I hate racial quotas. It just surprises me that UA leads the nation as one of "these departments (that) are open to all persons, regardless of their demographic characteristics, values, attitudes or preferences. These persons have access to all positions within the department, including leadership positions," according to George Cunningham, director of the Laboratory for Diversity in Sport.

Having an all-white leadership doesn't make a department racist. It just seems that might disqualify the department for a position among the top 10 schools in the nation for diversity.

Someone correct me.

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