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Sources: Dambrot says no to Duquesne again

By George Thomas Published: April 5, 2012

 According to sources, Duquesne University took another run at trying to convince University of Akron basketball coach Keith Dambrot to move eastward to Pittsburgh.

Sources with knowledge of the situation said that Dambrot was offered a “considerable financial package” to join the Atlantic 10 school, but the coach is unmoved.

“I’m a Zip,” he told the Beacon Journal Thursday morning. Beyond that he wouldn’t discuss the length of any contract offer or what it was worth.

A recent report out of Pittsburgh said that Duquesne offered a salary that at least doubled his salary.  Considering Dambrot makes more than $300,000 at UA of with incentives, which is a hefty sum indeed.

Why would Dambrot turn that down?

Without trying to over think the situation, it could be as simple as the fact that he’s home.  He played at Akron and he’s now coaching at his alma mater.  He views the university community as family.  Additionally, he still has goals.  On more than a few occasions, Dambrot said that he envisions making the Zips basketball program akin to Gonzaga.  Quite frankly, there’s work left to be done.

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