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Spring football practice - Session III

By George Thomas Published: March 24, 2012

Progress: In his team’s first day in shells (full pads minus knee pads), coach Terry Bowden said that although they’ve made progress, he’s still not satisfied with his team’s practice.

“We could do better. We had snaps over the quarterback’s head today,” he said. “We had players still not concentrating and not focused.”

The progress comes in getting the team’s loafs – the number of plays that a player doesn’t go at full speed – down to 75 for Saturday morning’s practice session at the Stile Field House.

“It’s graded very strictly. We grade every player on every play and we count them. It’s hard to do because it’s very demanding,” Bowden said.

Outside looking in: Coaches from area high schools, including Damon Beasley, current head coach from East High School, Tim Flossie, Firestone High School’s coach and Kemp Boyd, the defensive coordinator for the Buchtel Griffins, all accepted an invitation from coach Terry Bowden to observe practice.

“We invite as m any as we can get to. We invite them to any practice, so we don’t know which ones are going to call and come,” Bowden said.

Beasley’s relationship with Bowden goes back to their college days when they both played for West Virginia University. Bowden was a senior at the time and Beasley a freshman and served as a mentor.

Beasley said he has little problem believing that Bowden will turn things around at UA.

“He’s won everywhere he’s gone,” he said.

Who stood out: Defensive end Albert Presley continued to impress in drills and full-scrimmages. He displayed a strong, inside move, speed and quickness that allowed him to get to the quarterback. He, however, will need to develop another move to be more successful.

Another defensive standout: cornerback Emmanuel Lartey, who locked down his team’s wide receivers for most of practice. Lartey broke up one pass and picked off another to make his presence felt.

Quote of the day: Last year's starting running back, Jawon Chisolm, on what he thoguht when he learned every job was up for grabs: "Nothing. Everybody’s job is always on the line. Every practice. Everyday. I don’t take that any kind of way."

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