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Stadium delayed, still on track for 2009

By mrasor Published: October 15, 2007

Just try to cook up a worse nightmare for Zips football than this: Lose to Temple Saturday, find out your new stadium is delayed Monday.
The university still believes (publicly, at least) that InfoCision Stadium will be open for the 2009 season.
Talking to people in the know, it's would not be a complete surprise if the opening year gets bumped back to 2010. For now, though, 2009 is looking good.
More inside information: One of the outspoken property owners in that area is becoming more receptive to a buyout. As what often occurs in eminent domain procedings, everyone calls their lawyer and gets excited to fight at first. Then, one by one, dissenters start to fall off. I predict Ted Curtis and Co. won't have too much difficulty gathering the remaining parcels.

    Tidbits from J.D. Brookhart's press conference...
    Maybe the Zips were a tad conservative down the stretch, but Brookhart blamed the execution of the plays they did call.
    Brookhart blamed missed tackles, a dropped interception and missed assignments for Adam DiMichele's march to the endzone.
    The bye week will include scrimmaging some of the young players.

p.s. Help out Zippy. She's getting her tail handed to her.
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