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Stories to read this morning

By mrasor Published: December 13, 2010

Men's soccer
There are 179 stories on Google News as of 8 a.m. regarding Akron's national championship. Here are a few to read:
-- The ABJ's Michael Beaven describes the atmosphere at the Barley House. -- The ABJ's Marla Ridenour writes about Caleb Porter's commitments to jump in the ocean and streak his hair like Anthony Ampaipitakwong, as well as the possibility that this title breaks the ice for future success. -- The Kalamazoo Gazette spoke with Porter's high school coach of whether he envisioned Porter becoming a coach himself. The answer: No. -- Here is the Associated Press story, as printed in the Washington Post. -- Probably the story I liked most was on, which quoted Porter as saying this:

My biggest rush in doing this is my players and the relationships I have with them. I had been preaching to them that there's no better place than Akron. There's the saying that all that glitters isn't gold. And as much as people on the outside might not think Akron is much of a place, it is very good place. It's a nice city in which to raise a family, and soccer means something to people there. People care.
Also, my mentor [Jerry Yeagley] stayed at Indiana his entire career. He had other opportunities, but in the end, he got so attached he could never leave it. And right now, that's kind of where I'm at.
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