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Student tickets policy

By mrasor Published: August 31, 2009

Here is what the university is doing to distribute student tickets.
Starting today, you can go to Rhodes Arena and present your Zip Card. The attendant affixes a bright blue bracelet to your wrist. On gameday, you must be wearing your bracelet to receive a ticket, and you can't take the bracelet off until then, either.
I was sort of irritated when I heard about it, because I'm trying to run for office. I need to look professional when I'm campaigning, and a bright blue plastic wristband is not that. Two of my fellow classmates also complained because they have to appear in court every so often. A judge probably will not like the blue bracelet because it's not proper courtroom attire.
After we finished griping, it started to make sense. The university wants to use these bracelets as a marketing tool. It might become "cool" to wear this blue bracelet, and therefore "cool" to attend the football games. It also serves as a reminder to pick up tickets.

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