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Temple offensive breakdown

By mrasor Published: October 11, 2007

The theme -- By putting up 35 points against Bowling Green, Temple showed it has an offense that at least can score on bad MAC defenses. Although Akron doesn't have one of those bad MAC defenses, this game all-the-sudden looks more competitive than it did two months ago. Quarterback Adam DiMichele might be one of the more talented passers in the league, considering what he has to work with. The running game is nothing to boast about, being No. 106 in the nation. Teams have sacked DiMichele 19 times, which is 105th in the nation. It's safe to say this offensive line, which includes two freshmen and a sophomore, is struggling to get to speed.
Key players -- QB DiMichele, WR Bruce Francis
How Akron can stop them -- This is a game where the Zips can get pretty creative with blitzing schemes. Send a cornerback here, a safety there. The lack of a decent running game should allow Akron to drop the rover into coverage the entire game. But put as many players as possible in the box and let the quarterback and inexperienced line figure it out. Although the secondary self-destructed against Western Michigan, it should be re-energized for the Homecoming matchup.

    The Miracle in Kalamazoo never should have happened, the MAC admits, due to a block in the back. My opinion is this: Refs miss blocks in the back ALL THE TIME. It's not quite inexcusable unless it happens two feet in front of the zebra. Considering they possibly blew the Jabari Arthur touchdown call, let's consider it a wash.
    Brion Stokes needs three more tackles for loss to catch Jason Taylor for the school record. Arthur needs three catches to break Matt Cherry's all-time receptions mark. Isn't it kind of sad that our all-time records are being set by guys who didn't quite dominate for all four years? That's what a long tradition of mediocrity will get you, I suppose. That's not to take away from what great accomplishments Stokes and Arthur have made.
    Here's my first column back to the Buchtelite. It's nothing I haven't said on this blog. Disregard the headline, which is misleading. The point of my weekly column will be to give quick insider tidbits, not unlike this blog.
    Zippy leads by 250 votes over Seymour from Southern Miss. Vote here.

Men's basketball
The ABJ's Tom Gaffney wrote a nice preview of the season.
Meet the Team is Friday at 5:30 p.m. at Rhodes Arena. Food and drinks are free while they last.
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