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The latest on the QB situation

By mrasor Published: September 21, 2009

Whatever Chris Jacquemain did to get suspended, the coaches thought it prudent not to tell the rest of the team.
A player told me that coaches alerted the team, but they did not say why Jacquemain was suspended because it might cause the players to lose focus. That surprises me, because it indicates that the unspoken news could cause a bigger distraction than the spoken news -- that Akron would play its first home game against a Big Ten opponent without its senior quarterback.
Contrast this situation to last year. When J.D. Brookhart suspended Andre Jones last November, it was announced that Jones broke the class-attendance policy.
Tom Gaffney's story in the ABJ suggests that Jacquemain "will not be returning to the University of Akron football team soon -- if at all."
All of this tells me that it's safe to say Matt Rodgers will start at Central Michigan. Should he?
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On the positive side... If you believe in the power of prayer, you will be uplifted by the story of Gary Taylor, who regained consciousness shortly after his family decided to remove his breathing tube and take him to hospice. Taylor, whose heart stopped beating from an arrhythmia on Sept. 13, donated $10 million for the construction of InfoCision Stadium, which is named after the company that he founded. It sounds like Taylor has a long road to recover from this illness, but he still has that power behind him.

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