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The morning after

By mrasor Published: October 14, 2007

J.D. Brookhart
is taking a decent licking from fans over last night's debacle.
Although the Indians redeemed Northeast Ohio, I'm still not in a great sports mood.
Whatever. Here are my grades...
Quarterback -- The stats weren't horrible. Chris Jacquemain threw two picks and two touchdowns with a total of 145 yards. That's no reason to run him out of town. But does anyone else get the feeling that you won't beat many good defenses with Jacquemain as the starter? We have two weeks before the next game. If Jacquemain is the starter, I'll be disappointed. Grade: D+
Running back -- Bryan Williams had another big day with 114 yards. No complaints here, for sure. Grade: B+
Wide receiver -- You've gotta love how Alphonso Owen is becoming a bigger part of Akron's offense. He caught three passes for 41 yards, including a touchdown. His Majesty Jabari Arthur caught six for 84 with a touchdown, which made him the school's all-time receiving leader. Grade: A
Tight end -- Merce Poindexter caught two passes for 16 yards. I have given up on this position ever contributing in Joe Moorhead's offense. Grade: C-
Offensive line -- Big rushing day + no sacks = excellent grade for the line. Williams still couldn't run much up the middle, but the team had bigger issues. Grade: A-
Kicker -- I'm buying an Igor Iveljic jersey. Two-for-two on field goals, including one from 46 yards. Grade: A
Punter -- John Stec averaged 30.8 yards on his six punts. That is awful. This is another position that needs close evaluation during the bye week. His average is 94th in the nation. Can we give Andy Hildreth one game to see if he's worse? Grade: D-
Defensive line -- The line had a great game. Individually, the stats were the best they've been all year. Almondo Sewell led the team with 10 tackles and 1.5 sacks. Jared Cecchetti had his "I'm back" game, logging six tackles, including one for loss. Nate Robinson made five tackles, two for loss. If there was an ounce more depth, I would be picketing outside the football offices to abandon the 3-3-5. At this point, though, they can't go two-deep with a 4-3. Grade: B+
Linebackers -- Somehow, Wayne Cobham made only three tackles. Against Adam DiMichele, wouldn't it be prudent to assign Cobham as a spy? Brion Stokes and Kevin Grant played well. Doug Williams continues to be a non-factor. Grade: D+
Secondary -- Reggie Corner intercepted two DiMichele passes. Davanzo Tate broke up two. But when the Owls went to the no-huddle offense, the team couldn't keep up. In this case, take your hat off to DiMichele, who is the best passer Akron has faced this season. Grade: B-
Coaching -- Moorhead needs to take more chances with play calling. If he does a better job in the Zips' last drive, Akron moves the chains and wins. The defense was once again ill-equipped to defend a mobile quarterback. DiMichele ran for 62 yards, including a scamper of 34. How much longer must this be a theme??? I think fans are too hard on Brookhart. At this point, his job should not be in jeopardy. I have faith we will see some much-needed adjustments after the bye week. Grade: D

    Media clips from today... -- An in-depth look at the game from Temple's perspective.
    Plain Dealer -- Brookhart said the Zips weren't being conservative on offense. They simply took what Temple's defense gave them.
    Akron Beacon Journal -- If last week was The Miracle, this is The Nightmare.

    Around the MAC...
    Ohio State treated Kent State to a 45-point stomping, winning 48-3. The Flashes did see some success on the ground, rushing for 161 yards. Through an abundance of luck, the Buckeyes are poised to take over the No. 1 spot in the nation. This is not one bit of sour grapes, but Ohio State might be the worst No. 1 team in the past decade.
    Four turnovers nearly allowed Eastern Michigan to win in Athens, but the Bobcats won, 48-42. Kalvin McRae ran for 170 yards for Ohio.
    Buffalo continued its hot streak, winning in Toledo, 43-33. UB's James Starks ran for 244 yards and three touchdowns. (These aren't your granddaddy's Bulls.)
    Nate Davis and Ball State got back on track, beating D-IAA Western Kentucky 35-12.
    Miami shut down Bowling Green for a 47-14 win. On the day the RedHawks retired Ben Roethlisberger's number, Miami won the game with 262 rushing yards.
    Central Michigan took advantage of seven Army turnovers to win 47-23.
    Western Michigan remembered how to play defense and squeaked by Northern Illinois, 17-13.

    MAC power rankings...
    1) Central Michigan 2) Miami 3) Ball State 4) Western Michigan 5) Bowling Green 6) Buffalo 7) Akron 8 ) Kent State 9) Ohio 10) Temple 11) Eastern Michigan 12) Toledo 13) Northern Illinois
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