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The morning after

By mrasor Published: November 3, 2007


    Quarterback -- Carlton Jackson's passing stats were awful, but his running ability kept Akron moving the ball. He rushed for 133 yards. However, the three turnovers were critical -- particularly the fumble through the endzone. Grade: C
    Running back -- Bryan Williams, Alex Allen and (gasp) Dennis Kennedy all averaged more than 5 yards per carry. Unfortunately, the three combined for only 18 carries. Grade: B
    Wide receiver -- Jabari Arthur had a big game. He added some clips for his NFL highlight package. He's such a nice guy it's hard to picture him brutalizing defensive backs like he does. Some of his stiff arms are downright vicious. I love it. Now if only Akron had a downfield threat... Grade: B
    Tight end -- Falcon defenders stripped Merce Poindexter, which was an important play for BG. Grade: D
    Offensive line -- Another solid performance as far as I could see. In fact, I'm really impressed we didn't see a holding penalty with Jackson's scrambling. Grade: B+
    Defensive line -- The Falcons could run at will against Akron's line. There were giant and numerous holes on almost every play. With the exception of one Almondo Sewell sack, the Zips didn't get much pressure on Tyler Sheehan. Grade: D
    Linebacker -- No huge complaints here. Doug Williams, Kevin Grant and Brion Stokes were three of the Zips' top four tacklers. Williams and Stokes each had two tackles for loss. Grade: B+
    Secondary -- Bowling Green took exactly what it wanted in the passing game, particularly in the middle of the field. Sheehan is a good passer and throws to some excellent receivers, but the Zips didn't put up a fight. Grade: D-
    Punter -- John Stec punted once for 37 yards. Grade: C-
    Kicker -- Stec also took over for a suspended Matt Domonkos and did pretty well. Igor Iveljic drilled two field goals and two extra points. Grade: B+
    Coaching -- Considering how successful the running game was, the Zips should have kept at it until Bowling Green stopped them... It's a shame to see all of these suspensions, but J.D. Brookhart needs to keep his team in line during this demoralizing stretch... The defense had no chance against the Falcons. I know Akron has talent, especially in the backfield, yet they were completely unprepared to stop Sheehan... Also, consider that Bowling Green outgained Akron by only 92 yards. That's not the discrepancy you'd expect with a 24-point differential. The team is doing some things right, but they aren't converting. That is for the coaches to figure out. It seems like fourth down comes so quickly in the redzone. They need to concoct a way to fix that... Brookhart hasn't shown it this year, but he is a good leader and deserves to keep his job. My advice to Zips fans: Be patient. No coach can contend to win the MAC every year. Grade: C-

    Media clips...
    ABJ -- Chris Jacquemain could have been used in an emergency/injury situation last night.

Men's basketball
Akron will scrimmage Xavier today. The public and members of the media are not allowed to watch.
The Cincinnati Enquirer says the Musketeers will use some full-court traps against the Zips. That is good for Akron, who will get an early chance to see how Steve McNees fares against a Division I press.
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