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The morning after

By mrasor Published: November 8, 2007


    Quarterback -- Chris Jacquemain impressed me last night. He threw some great balls. He properly used the pump fake. He's also starting to learn how to communicate with his receivers. Carlton Jackson fumbled on the first play of the game. I'm sure that's why his night was cut short. I'll still take a bet that, barring injury, neither of these jokers starts another Zips game after after Nov. 30. Grade: B
    Running back -- What a terrific one-two punch the Zips have developed with Bryan Williams and Alex Allen. Last night was Allen's turn to shine. Grade: A-
    Wide receiver -- Jabari Arthur was outstanding, as usual. It's going to suck to see him leave. Like Kellen Winslow, he gives me an adrenaline rush after catching the ball. Stephon Fuqua caught an important pass for 29 yards. Grade: B
    Tight end -- Heyyyyyy. It's about time you guys got here! Merce Poindexter caught a pass over the middle for 34 yards. Kris Kasparek caught two, including an artful touchdown for 22 yards. Grade: A-
    Offensive line -- I saw some really good run blocking. Pass blocking wasn't at its best, but credit Ohio's aggressive defensive line. Grade: B
    Kicker -- Igor Iveljic, did you ever know that you're my hero? Two-for-two on field goals. Six-for-six on extra points. By those numbers, he's a heckuva fantasy football choice. Grade: A
    Defensive line -- What a job these guys did against Kalvin McRae! They got some help because the Zips stacked the box, but still... It would have been nice to see more sacks, but the Zips still put Brad Bower on the run quite a bit. Grade: A-
    Linebacker -- Brion Stokes is one of the best linebackers in the MAC. He has been very consistent all season. He led the team with 10 tackles and three for a loss. Kevin Grant and Doug Williams continued their seasons of mediocrity. It's great to see Almondo Sewell playing so well on the line, but you wish you could have him at linebacker, too. Grade: C+
    Secondary -- Davanzo Tate made some nice breakups. For the most part, though, the defenders were out of position. And perhaps the problem was that the gameplan didn't allow for enough of them in coverage. That mitigates their otherwise subpar performance. Grade: C
    Punter -- John Stec seemed to get a good boot on a lot of balls. His average remained so-so at 37 yards, however. Grade: C+
    Coaching -- J.D. Brookhart stuck up for his team when Andre Jones got illegally creamed. Then he chose to score instead of taking a knee. Good for him. He added a cherry on top of the intellectual beating he put on Frank "The Tank" Solich.

Media clips...
ABJ -- Brookhart's decision to go for it on fourth-and-2, rather than kick a field goal, was a great call.
The Buchtelite -- The Zips grew up a little bit, Brookhart said.
Plain Dealer
The (OU) Post -- The Zips limited McRae's holes.
Men's basketball
As you know, Akron will tip off against Walsh tonight at 7 p.m.
Keith Dambrot waited until Dru Joyce and Romeo Travis left to bring Brandon Weems and the Cavaliers to campus, the ABJ's Tom Gaffney writes.
If I can get through this law reading, I should be on press row. Stop by and say hi if you wish.
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