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The morning after

By mrasor Published: October 11, 2009

Man, that was a disappointing game -- all around.
It was a beautiful day, yet we had attendance of 16,381. Last year's homecoming game (at the Rubber Bowl, for Pete's sake) had attendance of 17,119.
The Zips outgained the Bobcats in total yardage (346 to 292), but Akron lost by two scores. I'm not going to give grades this morning. I'm sick of watching bad football. Let's put it that way. Let's also put it another way: Almost every position on the team has underperformed. Is there a bright spot here and there? I suppose, but Brian Wagner can only play one position at a time.
J.D. Brookhart said the team will keep swinging and never quit. They better not quit; they're on full scholarship in exchange for playing A GAME they like to play in front of thousands of people. Is that really what this team has been reduced to? Not quitting. To me, that's a euphemism for: It can get worse.
I like Brookhart personally. It pains me to say this because Brookhart has a family, he has poured a lot of his heart into this job, and it's not completely his fault, but I have seen enough. This coaching staff has an incredible set of resources, and we still haven't seen a winning football team in four years. Whether it happens tomorrow or in early December, it is time for a change. My patience has expired.
I will gladly eat those words if a Patrick Nicely-led team finishes the season winning six or seven games, but I don't see it happening anymore. What a terrible month for Akron football.
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