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The soccer experience

By mrasor Published: October 21, 2005

Men's soccer

I hate to admit this, but tonight was my first-ever Akron men's soccer game. In fact, this was my first soccer game of any type.

That being said, I want to apologize to everyone in my high school who played soccer. I ridiculed you for playing an un-American sport, and maybe even called you a soccer fairy.

The truth is, soccer is an exciting sport in person if you have a team to root for. Akron demolished Northern Illinois tonight, 5-1. It was a lot of fun. With my accomplice Kiel Fleming, we heckled the other team's players to a tasteful extent. Being in the media, I came across a listing of NIU players' hometowns. That was useful in telling "Kevin," who was wearing mittens, that he is the disgrace of a certain Illinois town.

Besides the shenanigans, there was a large crowd and, dare I say it, soccer is an exciting spectator sport.

While there, I picked up on why Akron is the best men's soccer team in the nation. The Zips are tremendous at controlling the ball. They also pass well. I didn't do any math, but I think the Zips soccer team had fewer turnovers tonight than the football team had last week (6).

Ross McKenzie (senior forward), Evan Bush (freshman goal keeper) and Sinisia Ubiparipovic (junior forward) especially stood out to me as being playmakers. As a gentleman told me in my apartment's elevator, this team is very skilled.

That is not to say that Akron will definitely win the national championship. Its players have performed well as the No. 1 team, but none of them have been tested in a final-four situation. And until I am proven otherwise, any team for which I cheer is cursed (see Indians, Browns, Cavaliers, Zips football, Zips basketball).

It was a bit of a strange game. Ross McKenzie had a hat trick. Also, the first three goals were scored off penalty kicks.

Regardless, I strongly suggest attending a game.

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