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Thoughts on the election

By mrasor Published: November 2, 2008

I know there has been an overload on election coverage the past month. If you're sick of it, skip this post. Don't read it. Don't complain about it.
I have a few strong opinions about certain races (not including the presidential one)...
Issue 6 -- I am writing my Law Review paper on the topic of why Ohio needs casinos. Despite that, vote NO on Issue 6. This is a clumsy effort to bring casinos. Building off Ohioans' fear of an economic depression, it might just pass. However, if Ohio wanted to do this right, it would commission a study to determine what cities could most effectively exploit casino gamblers and bring in tourism dollars. Then, it would auction off the right to build the STATE-RUN casinos. Issue 6, on the other hand, is a tool for an out-of-state casino mogul to build a casino without the competitive bidding.
Some people are complaining about the "loophole." In reality, the loophole is very unlikely to happen. An Indian casino must open in Ohio. The Indian casino, by federal law, will not pay taxes. Lyle Berman's casino will only pay taxes to match the lowest-paying casino in Ohio. HOWEVER, no Indian casino is even close to coming to Ohio. Believe me, I've studied the law thoroughly the past few weeks.
Still, Issue 6 must fail. It's a lousy way for Ohio to start its venture into gaming. Tell your friends.
Next, there are two really good Democratic officeholders who deserve to keep their jobs. (That should mean a lot from me, a Republican.) Sherri Bevan Walsh is a prosecutor who truly cares about preventing crime and does a lot more than her office requires. Also, Dan Horrigan is a good person. He stepped into the position mid-term after his predecessor retired and has still found ways to make the office more efficient.
As for the presidential race, I really haven't decided yet. I like Barack Obama more, but I know his executive agencies and Supreme Court choices will repulse me. I'm probably going to decide while I'm at the polls. It is certainly nice to have two good candidate from which to choose.

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