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Toledo's alleged point shavers lacked tact

By mrasor Published: May 9, 2009

Facts are beginning to seep from one of the century's biggest illegal gambling allegations.
Six former Toledo athletes are mentioned in the 20-count indictment against two Detroit businessmen. The facts range from scandalous to slightly funny.
For example, the indictment says that the defendants, Ghazi Manni and Mitchell Karam, tried to recruit an offensive lineman to shave points from the 2005 GMAC Bowl. The alleged scheme fell flat as Toledo won, 45-13. Can we say a few words about the merits of choosing a lineman for this task? Not a quarterback, running back, or kicker? You have to pick the one position with the least direct ability to influence the score.
In addition to allegedly performing with less vigor on the field or court, the players gave scouting reports to Manni and Karam about upcoming MAC opponents, according to the indictment. It's too bad Manni and Karam don't read "Rasor on the Zips." I don't even charge for my predictions. If you even casually follow the MAC, it's easy to be more accurate than Vegas' point spread.
Seriously, though, this is a huge problem for the University of Toledo. Even if some of these athletes were not involved as charged, it is a dark, permanent stain on that Rocket logo.

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