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Travis gives up shots for good of team

By mrasor Published: February 20, 2007

Men's basketball

Being the preseason favorite for MAC Player of the Year, Romeo Travis probably should have better stats than he does.

Travis averages 14 points per game, but is doing it this year taking 10 shots per game, which is down from last season, the Buchtelite's Adam Ferrise writes.

Women's basketball

Is Akron-Kent State still a rivarly, considering the Flashes have won 16 in a row over the Zips?

Akron players and coaches say yes, the Buchtelite's Vincent Dorsey reports.


The team's chances at earning one of eight berths in the NCAA Championship are slim.

However, Akron still can win two conference championships, the Buchtelite's Josh Volchko writes.


Prepare yourself for my most controversial column of the year. I'm still not 100 percent sure why I wrote it...

There's a lot of cool stuff going on with University of Akron sports.

The men's basketball team just won its 20th game. The indoor track team is about to bring home another conference championship. J.D. Brookhart's staff recently reeled in a great football recruiting class.

I'm here to talk about something incredibly worthless, but paradoxically outstanding.

Curl up in a cozy chair, folks. I will devote the next 400 words to old-school pro rassling.

I use the term "rassling" because it's never actually been wrestling. (I did that in high school, and it's a slightly different concept.)

Anyhow, if you are a male age 19 to 24, you undoubtedly watched rassling every Monday night of your adolescence.

Sadly (or maybe not), rasslers became pseudo-role models.

But who needs real role models when we had "Ravishing" Rick Rude to teach the finer points of picking up ladies (even if they're married)?

Why read books on the philosophy of friendship when the Stinger showed you must always come to the aid of a fellow good guy with an aluminum baseball bat?

Studying public speaking is overblown. Scott Steiner, Roddy Piper and Steve Austin could deliver a speech before Congress with the clarity and fury of Daniel Webster.

The self-defense benefits speak for themselves.

All right. I hear you loud and clear. You are tugging at your bangs and tapping your feet, thinking, "Please, Mike, tell me there's a point to this column."

Oh, there is.

For you recovered rassling addicts, I have some solid advice that could brighten your day. Talk about old-school rassling with your friends. Striking up a conversation about Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, "The Model" Rick Martel or "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff is like a taking a shot of nostalgic whiskey.

Gulp it down and you'll be laughing out loud in seconds. Promise.

Here's a great ice breaker: Remember when Jake "The Snake" Roberts forced his cobra to take a chunk out of "Macho Man" Randy Savage's biceps?

About five Buchtelite guys discovered our former mutual addiction a couple years ago. Within months, we had littered the office with homemade posters of characters such as Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, Lex Luger and "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton. Somehow, an nWo T-shirt is still hanging above the art director's desk.

But let's not get confused. Rassling nowadays is not comparable to the '90s. Don't bother flipping to Monday Night Raw. It's boring, derivative and includes almost no good rassling.

Good rassling disappeared from kids' obsession faster than pogs. Maybe it happened when the WWE bought out Ted Turner's WCW in 2001, which ended competition among rassling promotions and gave the industry a sense of complacency. (Where were the antitrust police on that one?)

More than likely, though, we all just matured and grew out of the fad.

Hopefully, you revisit the cult that was '90s rassling. It goes down smooth every time.

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