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Travis is MAC East player of the week

By mrasor Published: January 9, 2006

Men's basketball

Power Forward Romeo Travis is the MAC East player of the week, averaging 19 points and six rebounds in two games last week.

The Plain Dealer's Elton Alexander wrote a good story with many interesting MAC tidbits.

Alexander also weaved a feature about Nate Linhart into his Toledo-Akron game story. Keith Dambrot's quote in the story impressed me. He said a year from now, Linhart will be the hardest matchup in the league. Really? Wow.


You read the ABJ's story on Fear the Roo. Now read The Associated Press'. It was published in several area newspapers yesterday and today.

And don't ask me why, but this was published on the Portland Oregonian's Web site. So was the aforementioned Fear the Roo article.

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