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Tressel, Akron a match?

By mrasor Published: February 1, 2012


Today at 10 a.m., the University of Akron will hold a press conference, and is expected to announce that Jim Tressel will take an administrative job at his alma mater, according to the Plain Dealer.

The university issued this statement: "When Jim Tressel and other alumni assisted us in our search for a football coach last December, we began to engage in dynamic conversations about Jim's professional goals outside of athletics. We share a common interest in innovative programs for student success. Our discussions continue."

I would assume Tressel will be the vice president of a department.

This will be big news for the sports world. Normally, a fallen coach either stays retired or works his way back up the coaching ladder. To completely change professions is unusual.

Here's the next question: Is Tressel qualified for the duties he's taking on? Or is this just a desire for publicity -- to have a celebrity around Buchtel Hall? (Who am I kidding? This is awesome.)

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