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Two Kent State players arrested on burglary charges

By mrasor Published: March 9, 2008

Two Kent State players were arrested Friday on burglary charges amounting to a first-degree felony.
Cabroni Mixon and Brian Lainhart allegedly busted down a door and beat the tar out of two men inside.
Mixon was a highly touted linebacker transfer from the University of Michigan. Lainhart was a starting safety. KSU athletic director Laing Kennedy suspended both players.
Oh yeah, and James Harrison was charged with assaulting his girlfriend.
What is it with KSU athletes getting in SERIOUS criminal trouble right before an Akron-KSU game? Last time, it was Eric Thomas who was charged with rape. You guys really don't need to feed Akron fans with material.
Men's basketball
As you can see with the preceding rant, the biggest game of the year has arrived.
Those who have tickets for this sold-out game should be pumped.

    Here is what the newspapers have to say...
    The ABJ's Tom Gaffney wrote about the significance of Senior Night.
    The ABJ's Stephanie Storm writes why Jim Christian wants to win this game: revenge from last year's sweep, the outright MAC Championship and reaching the highest regular season win total in school history (25).
    The Record Courier's Dave Carducci mentions that KSU could also be playing for an at-large bid tonight.
    The Zips are three-point favorites.
    The game starts at 6 p.m. If you don't have tickets, it's on Fox Sports Net. I will liveblog from Rhodes Arena starting at 5:30 p.m. I will look into opening a chatroom for Zips fans during the game.
    Miami coach Charlie Coles will sit out the rest of the season for health reasons. Coles is one of the best guys in the league. He has dealt with serious heart problems. My prayers are with him.

Prediction -- Kent State might be playing for pride, revenge, etc., but this game seriously matters to the Zips. Either they are MAC Champions, or they're not. Jeremiah Wood and Haminn Quaintance will duel again and maybe cancel each other out. The difference between today and Jan. 23 is Cedrick Middleton. He's healthy enough to defend Al Fisher and drop 20. The fans should also give the Zips a giant boost.
Perhaps it's my hatred for Kent State that is clouding my judgment, but I think this will be a blowout.
Akron 71, Kent State 55
More football
Gaffney wrote a couple stories about the Zips' upcoming spring season.
In one story, J.D. Brookhart says he expects increased offensive production because their system last year was new. (I really hope he's relying on more than a greater comfort level.)
Brookhart says the goal on defense is to establish the top 22 players. The secondary might be the greatest challenge initially with Davanzo Tate and Reggie Corner gone.
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