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Two more offers

By mrasor Published: June 11, 2007

Here are two new offers...

    Tony Gregory, running back, Virginia Beach, Va. Offers: Akron, Virginia Tech, Northern Illinois, Maryland and Marshall Height: 6-foot-0 Weight: 178 Speed: 4.4 Notes: I'm a little surprised Gregory doesn't have more offers with his size and speed. Likelihood: He visited Virginia Tech recently and he probably will commit there soon.
    Luke Kelly, linebacker, Cincinnati Offers: Akron, Kent State, Miami and Western Michigan Height: 6-4 Weight: 210 Speed: 4.65 Notes: Kelly has started since his sophomore year at Turpin High School, which has good talent. His size and speed should have netted him more offers by now, but he has not really gone to the combines necessary to get attention. Likelihood: Kent State was the first school to offer. Many others have shown interest. If it's Akron versus the rest of the MAC, J.D. Brookhart should have a good shot.
    I plan to spend the next month or so breaking down each MAC team and the Zips' four nonconference opponents. There is so little Zips news this time of the year.

Men's basketball
I ran into an assistant coach for Kent State the other day.
We talked a little about recruiting. He was really excited about a combo guard they are bringing in from junior college. The player averaged double figures as a freshman at Purdue before leaving the team.
Also, he had high expectations for the 7-footer they are bringing in because " Jeremiah Wood kicked our ass last year."
    In the next couple weeks, I'll have some information about Akron's nonconference schedule. We already know they will play in a tournament in Alaska. The coaches and administrators are still negotiating with top-tier mid-majors, so they prefer not to say anything yet.
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