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Two terrific game stories

By mrasor Published: September 10, 2006


Has it sunk in with you that Akron beat NC State on a last-second touchdown run?

I'm not sure it has with me, either.

Here are a couple really good stories about the game...

  • The ABJ's David Lee Morgan wrote about how beating a BCS team had been a goal for J.D. Brookhart for a long time. (By the way, I'm impressed that the ABJ sent Morgan to Raleigh. In today's journalism world, such a trip is not a given. In other words, the newspaper is saying "Akron football is a priority to us." Although I haven't seen the paper yet today, most of ZipsNation is ecstatic over the Zips' real estate.)

  • The News Observer's Chip Alexander perfectly captured the game's insanity. This guy is a really good writer.

  • Here is the AP story, which isn't bad either.
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